Results displayed by the haematology analyser are inaccurate (too high/too low)

  1. Click on the QC icon on the screen and Run a Quality Control Test Using a valid Hematology  Quality Control Sample.
  2. If the inaccuracy of the results persists, Perform calibration using the following steps:
  • Select the menu then select the calibration icon.
  • Select the calibration using a calibrator icon.
  • Enter the Lot Number and Expiry date of the Calibrator.
  • Enter the WBC, RBC, HGB, MCV and PLT target values from the calibrator Insert Manual on the target boxes.
  • Run the calibrator at least seven times and select the best 5 runs.
  • Click Sample analysis and select yes to save the new calibration factors.
   3.   Repeat the Quality Control run as in step 1 above.
   4.   If this problem still persists, contact the  Ilara Health Support Team for help.