How to Print Images on Butterfly.

  1.       Open this link on your computer browser (Butterfly Cloud)
  2.       Enter your account credentials i.e. Email Address and Password.
  3.       You will be able to see a dashboard containing scans done in the past. Select the case of interest.
  4.       You will now be able to select through the images generated during the scan by selecting the arrows (<>).
  5.       Download the images of interest using the download option at the bottom right.
  6.       Go to the Download folder on ‘my PC’ and select the downloaded images.
  7.       Press ctrl+P to start printing, select the printer preferred printer.
  8.       Use the drag down option on the right to select the best layout of the images according to the number of images you are printing.
  9.       Select ‘Print’ to start printing.