How to remove HGB Voltage abnormal Error

  1. Click on the menu icon at the bottom left side of the screen then select setup, then Gain set up.
  2. A table displaying set values and equivalent background voltages of WBC, RBC and HGB will be displayed.
  3. Adjust the set value for HGB until the equivalent background voltage falls within the range of (3.9-4.9)V.
  4. Select sample analysis and Confirm Yes to save the new gain factor.
  5. Select the Error at the bottom right side of the screen to get into the error description box.
  6. Select the HGB Voltage Abnormal Error on the error description box and click remove the error.
  7. The device is going to run an error removal and check procedure and the error will disappear.
  8. If this problem still persists, contact the  Ilara Health Support Team for help.