How to Perform Internal Cleaning for the Hematology Analyser?

Run these programs every 2-3 days to perform cleaning for your Hematology Analyser.

  1. Select Menu, then Service then click the ‘cleaning’ option.
  2. The device will run  a cleaning procedure and the waste will flow through the waste cap component to the waste bag.

For the probe cleaning

  1. Select Menu then Service then click the Enhance Flush button, the device will start running the enhance flush program.
  2. The device will ask you to input EZ probe cleaner, open your probe cleaner bottle, submerge the probe like you are doing a test and the cleaner as your sample.
  3. Then press the start button, wait for the probe to aspirate then remove your probe cleaner.
  4. The device will run the probe cleaning and ask you to select the wait time, select 5 minutes.
  5. After the five minutes the device will finish the cleaning procedure and drain the waste into the waste bag through the Waste cup component.