How do I customize the Ilara HMIS organization account?

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  • Open the Admin Panel.
  • Begin with organization settings, where you can edit the organization's name and physical address, and add a logo for branding.
  • Confirm default payment methods, edit them to your preference, or add new ones using the "add payment method" button.
  • To edit an existing payment method, click the three dots next to it and select "Edit payment method." Save or discard the edits as needed.
  • Manage roles and permissions for staff, specifying their level of access. Make sure to save any changes.
  • Navigate to branch management to proceed with more customizations.
  • Click on the three dots of your organization's branch, select "Edit," and update branch details.
  • Preview thermal receipts to see how they will look.
  • Add a new invoice recipient by entering their name and additional details like address.
  • Confirm the new invoice recipient.
  • Save your edits.